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Chap IV Part 2 : Announcement of Application
Part Two
Announcement of Application

Article 21
Not later than 10 (ten) days after the date of conclusion that the application can be approved to be registered, the Directorate General shall announce the application in the Official Report on Mark.

Article 22
  1. The announcement shall last 3 (three) months and shall be made by :
    a. placing it on the Official Report on Marks which is periodically published by the Directorate General; and/or
    b. placing it on a special mean provided by the Directorate General which is easily and clearly visible to the public.

  2. Commencement date of the applications announcement shall be registered by the Directorate General in the Official Report on Mark.

Article 23
The announcement shall be made by mentioning :
  1. the full name and address of the Applicant, including Proxy if the Application is submitted through Proxy;

  2. the type and class of goods and/or services, for the mark for which registration is applied;

  3. the receipt date;/li>
  4. the name of the country and the receipt date of the first application, in the case the application is submitted by using a priority right; and

  5. the exemplary label of a mark, including the explanation of colors and the translation into Indonesian, roman characters or figures commonly used in Indonesia if the label of the mark uses a foreign language and or characters other than those commonly used in Indonesia, as well as the pronunciation in roman spelling.

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